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Anxiety Relief

I went to see Dr. Kim primarily for anxiety and a few other issues. Since I started treatment with her I haven’t had an anxiety attack. That alone is worth its weight in gold to me. She explains everything she does so you understand what she is doing and why. I would confidently recommend Dr. Kim’s treatments to anyone considering

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Improved Mobility and Pain Relief

I started treatments for a degenerative back condition and an arthritic elbow a couple months ago. Dr. Kim’s treatments have really helped my mobility and pain in both areas. It has become a very important part of my healing process and active lifestyle.

Kelly Zaharia November 21, 2018

Migraines Gone

I started my acupuncture treatment a few weeks ago, just to try get rid of my migraines due the Calgary Chinooks and sometimes stressful live. And within just couple visits with Dr. Kim I was noticing lots of improvements on how often and how intense the migraines were happening. This is the December 2018 we have had a few Chinooks

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Shoulder Pain Relief

I had nagging lower back pain and shoulder pain and had no energy and after seeing Dr. Kim for a few weeks I felt leaps and bounds better, my body felt more relaxed than it has in a long time

Tom Voortman

October 20, 2018